Landscape photograph of the North Cornish Coast

Cornish Gems is proud to support the RNLI

Cornish Gems is proud to support the RNLI: the charity that saves lives at sea.


We are fortunate that our company is based in such a beautiful county, surrounded by beaches and the sea, which are star attractions. Two out of three people in the UK will head to the seaside at least once this year. In Cornwall, visitors and locals spend a significant amount of time on the beach and while most beachgoers will have an enjoyable and relaxing time, many get into serious difficulties. And when something goes wrong, the RNLI is there to help.


With so many visitors coming to Cornwall with Cornish Gems each year we feel compelled to drive awareness of the dangers of the coastline, and raise funds for a vital charity that helps keep people safe in the water.


We encourage our guests to support this life-saving charity alongside us, by donating when making a reservation through our website. If you decide to donate you can choose to make a £2, £5, £10 or £25 donation.


We do hope that this is a cause that you will choose to support with us.


Why the RNLI is so important to us...


The RNLI has a number of volunteer lifeboat crew and lifeguard units around Cornwall, and we value the amazing work they do to keep our communities and visitors safe.


RNLI lifeboat volunteers or search and rescue helicopter crews can respond to a situation within minutes and often save lives close to the shore. But, at the beach, every second counts. For the best chance of survival, you need someone on the beach who can see the dangers develop: someone who can prevent accidents before they happen and respond instantly if they occur.


RNLI lifeguards are qualified in lifesaving and casualty care, highly trained, strong and fit. Surprisingly, 95% of a lifeguard's work is preventative. RNLI lifeguards monitor sea conditions and set up the appropriate flags, watch the people on the beach and offer safety advice both on the beach and in classrooms through the RNLI’s education programmes.


You can read more about the work of the RNLI on their website – or find them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @RNLI.



Photo credits: RNLI

Top middle: RNLI lifeguards returning to the beaches for summer. Photo: RNLI/Nigel Millard

Top right: Penlee’s lifeboat 'Molly and Ivor Dent'. Photo: Amy Smith

Bottom: A busy weekend for RNLI lifeguards in Newquay during the Boardmasters Festival. Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams