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Capturing Cornwall with Kate

Kate Lowe, local yoga teacher, runs her own beautiful Instagram account capturing Cornwall’s turquoise waters, rugged landscapes and wonderful wildlife. We know that so many of our guests love sharing Cornwall through their own lens, so we asked Kate how to capture Cornwall perfectly…

Your photos capture so much of the Cornish scenery we adore so much. What’s your process and how do you capture them so perfectly?

My favourite way to spend free time is by or in the sea with family and friends. I enjoy taking my camera along with me and taking photographs. When I return home I select the images that feel right and have captured those moments in the way that I would like to show them.

You take some amazing photos and video of the wildlife we’re so lucky to get a glimpse of here in Cornwall. Do you have a favourite wildlife photo or video you’ve taken? 

Thank you, wildlife photography is the area of photography that I love the most. My favourites are a video of a basking shark that was just off the shoreline of Porthcurno, and the photograph of the hundreds of a crabs that I snorkelled above in St Ives last summer. We are very lucky to have such an amazing variety of wildlife here in Cornwall.

Living in Cornwall, you have access all year round to these beautiful scenes. What time of year is best for capturing the essence of Cornwall, in your experience?

Cornwall is amazing throughout the year. I love to take photos and videos of scenes and colours that make you feel happy so for me May, June and September are some of my favourite months because there can be some beautifully calm, sunny days with crystal clear water and at the same time, less crowded beaches.

Do you have a favourite place to photograph?

Yes, the coastline all around west Cornwall is my favourite. There are so many beautiful little coves. Also, the cliffs and coastline between Boscastle and Tintagel are amazing. I’m currently walking the Cornish coast path and I’m looking forward to exploring the south east coast which I am not familiar with yet.

Do you use a specific camera or equipment, or just a phone camera? 

I use two different Canon cameras. One for taking photos from the land and one that I use in underwater housing when in the sea. When I don’t have the cameras with me I will take photos and videos with my phone.

You have a knack for finding some beautiful angles and compositions in your photography, does that come quite naturally or is it a skill you’ve cultivated?

Thank you. It’s not until recent years that I have discovered a passion for photography and through the time spent looking through the lens I have tried to capture my favourite places from a different perspective. I enjoy trying to portray my love of the sea, the wildlife and Cornwall’s stunning coastline.

What’s your favourite time of day to photograph? Soft sunrises, sub-tropical midday sun, or dramatic sunsets?

My favourite time of day is sunrise. I live somewhere that you can watch sunrise by the sea throughout the year. Having said that, midday sun on turquoise water is probably my favourite thing to try and capture.

Huge thanks to Kate for top tips and sharing the love we have for Cornwall.

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