Landscape photograph of the North Cornish Coast

Our Charity of the Year 2020

Throughout 2020 we are supporting Cornwall Wildlife Trust -protecting Cornwall's wildlife and wild places on land and in our seas. 


We are fortunate that we are based in such a beautiful county surrounded by a stunning coastline, including miles of sandy beaches, lush moorland and verdant woods. Whether local or visitor, young or old: for the half a million people who call Cornwall home, as well as the millions who visit the county throughout the year, Cornwall Wildlife Trust is an important trust passionate about protecting Cornwall's wildlife and natural environment. 


"With the invaluable support of our volunteers, members and Business Supporters we manage over 50 nature reserves, including an island! 

Cornwall Wildlife Trust works with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county. We aim to inspire people of all ages to care for Cornwall’s precious wildlife, from local communities to visitors."


Cornish Gems is proud to support Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT)

Help us support CWT 

We encourage our Cornish Gems guests to support the trust alongside us, by donating £2, £5, £10 or £25 when making a reservation through our website. 

We do hope that this is a cause that you will choose to support with us! You can read more about the work of Cornwall Wildlife Trust and how you can get involved on their website – or find them on Facebook  to keep up to date with all their fundraising events, you might like to get involved during your time in Cornwall! 

Photo: Dan Murphy


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