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Proudly independent, we curate memorable holiday experiences in Cornwall, with the wellbeing of our communities and planet at our hearts.

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B Corp accredited Cornish holidays

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Curating mindful holiday experiences for you

Independent & rooted in the Cornish Community

Remarkable homes in Cornwall exclusive to us

Our History

With Cornwall deeply embedded in their hearts, the founders of Cornish Gems, Nadia Macer-Wright and a fellow visionary, have had a shared passion for creating an extraordinary mark in the hospitality realm since their university days. For the following 15 years, Cornish Gems has flourished into a beacon of success. This triumph is attributed to an unwavering commitment to excellence and a meticulous attention to detail, values ingrained in the company's DNA.

Future thinking...

In 2023, a significant evolution took place as Nadia assumed full ownership of the property, steering the business towards a future where sustainability and wellbeing take centre stage. Under Nadia's entrepreneurial leadership, the Cornish Gems community, now comprising over a hundred dedicated staff, remains steadfast in upholding the exacting standards set forth by its founders. As we journey forward, sustainability and well- being emerge as the guiding principles, ensuring that Cornish Gems not only thrives but also evolves as a sanctuary committed to providing exceptional experiences for years to come. Excitingly, we have attained B Corp certification, but the journey doesn't end here - this is a baseline from which we'll further improve our business practices and use Cornish Gems as a force for positive change, with the environment and wellbeing at the heart of our work.

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