Cornish Gems Owners We Deliver Results

Cornish Gems will market your property to deliver results

Each year we set a rental income forecast for your property which is used to monitor your property's performance weekly over the year. We are a results driven company, its all about achieving (or better still) exceeding the forecast and not working on the rule of averages like many of our competitors.

Cornish Gems enjoys excellent organic search engine results for the key words relating to luxury holidays in Cornwall. In light of this we now receive on average 900 unique visitors per day to our website which equates to approx 28,000 unique visitors to our website each month.

Our sales team are here 6 days a week converting telephone and email enquiries into sales whilst also proactively generating repeat business and new business from our databases. We ensure that our sales team visit each and every property to enable them to best sell the features, benefits and local area.

We also have an online chat facility that we use proactively whilst we see users on specific web pages - invitations are sent out to assist with the sales process. We also send feedback forms and re-book incentive to guests on departure and we use these as a platform to showcase and drive awareness of new "Gems". This is a good way to capture repeat business from existing clients who have enjoyed their Cornish Gems experience and want to sample a new property next time, understanding it will be of the same high quality. We send out regular e-blasts and e-newsletters to our database of over 5500 clients in relation to their preferences.

Over and above this a significant marketing budget is allocated annually which is invested into a range of online and online media to drive awareness of our brand and much loved property portfolio. Examples include investment into social media, Google PPC, magazine adverts, press features, direct mail, event sponsorship to name but a few.