Landscape photograph of the North Cornish Coast

Cornish Crib Exclusive Retreats

You’ll find rare quality throughout the Cornish Gems portfolio. But our Extraordinary collection showcases properties that take comfort, style and sophistication to a whole new level. Private pools, unforgettable views, saunas, and state-of-the-art mod-cons are just some of the features that make these beautiful homes… Extraordinary.

The Cornish Gems portfolio showcases some of the best UK holiday cottages. Rare quality runs through every home and everything we do.
Our Extraordinary Collection is made up of unique holiday cottages which will surprise and delight. Step inside any of our exquisite Gems and you’ll find comfort, style and sophistication have been taken to a whole new, astonishing level. 
Private pools, bubbling hot tubs, contemporary cinema rooms, outdoor kitchen spaces, striking architecture, and state-of-the-art creature comforts are just some of the features that make these outstanding, five-star holiday cottages… Extraordinary.